Appalled at cost of parking in Battle

HAVING recently moved into the area I am appalled at the cost of parking in the Rother District Council (RDC) area and, in particular, Battle, and support Mr Foy in his endeavours, although I doubt he will get any support from the RDC as I am finding out on another matter.

We lived for many years in the New Forest District Council (NFDC) area of Hampshire.

Each year, in January, the NFDC issued a clock pass for local residents.

The first one could be purchased from the council at a fee of £10 and allowed a three hour parking limit in any car park in the NFDC area.

There were some twenty car parks in the area, including seaside and coastal parks.

The fee then went up to £12 on the third year. I do not know the present fee, I would think £14 would be about right.

If one required to park for say six hours, one would purchase a normal ticket for three hours and display it alongside the clock card, putting time of commencement of the clock to commence after the machine issued ticket had expired, ie machine ticket 9am to 12noon, (which when I was there was 50p per hour), clock ticket set 12noon to 3pm.

We often did this for trips into Bournemouth by bus or even to London, of course, the machine ticket would have to be of a higher value, but the last three hours were covered by the clock ticket.

Surely it would not be difficult for the RDC to start such a scheme.

If the clock ticket was issued at, say £14, for a one year period, think of the ready cash the RDC would have and not have to surmise how much they will make on parking fees.

I believe the NFDC issued some 10,000 clock tickets per annum, although I cannot confirm that figure.

The RDC would still have the tourist parking fees.

Sydney Emmerson

Address supplied