Appalled at night noise complaint

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I AM writing in response to the obviously ‘anonymous’ letter last week, from a Robertsbridge resident regarding the ANNUAL event of Robertsbridge Bonfire.

I am appalled that a local resident can complain about noise being made by ‘the anti-social few’ hours after our event has finished. (The Bonfire Society’s responsibility for the evening ends at 10pm apart from guarding the fire site).

If noise is made after this time, we as a society are sorry but it’s one night a year!

I have been a member of Robertsbridge Bonfire Society for a number of years and have witnessed thousands of pounds being raised for local charities over the years from the street collections held on the night.

This Friday for example, there is a panto being put on for children of the village, paid for by the society; we give the older members of the village a dinner with music once a year plus help out in many other ways around the village giving our time and money to good causes.

If this resident wanted to pick November 19 for an early night then maybe he should have planned a night away.

Bonfire has been a tradition in Robertsbridge for over 21 years and for over 400 years in Sussex.

Life does bring annoyances, for example EVERY weekend throughout the day during the summer, I have to endure the constant noise of lawnmowers, strimmers and hedge cutters being used but accept that this is part of living in a village.

If anyone has any questions about our event in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the many members of Robertsbridge Bonfire Society who choose to spend their time helping others.

Bev Holbrook

Robertsbridge Bonfire Society