Appalled at state of the roads

AS A recent visitor to Battle, the condition of the roads around Crowhurst and Catsfield are absolutely appalling because of the number of pot holes.

Without doubt it can only be a matter of time until a serious incident or fatality occurs because a cyclist or motorcyclist would stand little chance if they hit one.

From a Highways Agency and county council perspective money can’t be an issue given the millions that are being wasted on the building of the Bexhill to Hastings Link Road supported by both Greg Barker and Amber Rudd.

An argument I am sure is that the link road will reduce traffic and wear and tear on the country lanes however the reality is that with the mass development that it will lead to this will not be the case.

Isn’t it a shame that greater care and consideration isn’t being given to the current infrastructure to ensure that it is both safe and fit for purpose for local residents?

On a final note I would say that some years ago SEEDA (South East England Development Agency) now defunct spent £350,000,000 of its £400,000,000 for a four year budget period on constructing the Hindhead Tunnel, effectively leaving £50,000.000 for road improvements in the seven counties that make up the South East. Who ever took over from SEEDA are making an even bigger hash of our infrastructure.

John Cassidy

Magpie Lane