April 1st comes early!

Alfred Nobel, a Swiss chemist, made explosives. Now the EU receives the once respected Nobel Peace Prize “for 60 years of peace and democracy”!

The UN is wrong: the EU is barely 20! The ECSC/EEC ‘free trade’ Customs Union is 60. Two entirely different entities whose difference is beyond the comprehension of our career politicians, few of whom voted at the 1975 EEC in/out referendum, with most wrongly believing we actually voted to join the EEC and EU!

The Versailles Treaty, Germany’s non-belligerent Basic Law and NATO of 1949 were written to prevent war but only free trade promotes peace. China, Japan, America, Switzerland and others trade freely with us under WTO rules, but are neither EU members nor at war! Eurostat data shows Britain trades more outside the EU than within: we would be the EU’s 2nd largest export market if we left!

The Maastrict Treaty created a wholly political European Union with a flawed Euro currency to ‘unite’ it, yet so keen are nations to be freed from external political control and enforced political union, that they demand independence: our Commonwealth, USSR, Ireland/Northern Ireland, Slovenia/Bosnia, Czech Republic. Now Spain demands Gibraltar, the Walloons, Flemish, Catalonians and Scots their ‘independence’, yet under a divisive EU led by unelected Commissioners sworn to allegiance to further their undemocratic political project!

Our Lib-Den/Con/Lab pact colludes to deny us a democratic voice. Pro-EU Ken Clark admitted not reading the Maastrict Treaty before signing, likewise Labour’s ‘Minister for Europe’ signing the deviously flawed Lisbon ‘Constitutional’ Treaty. Clegg demanded his MPs abstain! Those treaties were rejected democratically by the peoples of France, Denmark, Ireland and Holland, but the democratic ‘No!’ does not exist in the EU vocabulary so they were ordered to vote again and say ‘Yes!’, while Vaclav Klaus (Czech Republic) was hounded to sign.

We must have that thorough, open and honest debate on our relationship with ‘Europe’ before a referendum. Don’t hold your breath - our career politicians won’t allow it!

200+ years of Peace between Britain, Scotland and America, yes! 60 years of EU peace and democracy? Pah!!

Barry M Jones, Bixley Lane, Beckley