Are Bexhill’s shelters good value for Rother?

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If Simon Chorlton wishes to present himself as thoroughly modern, he needs to avoid quaint words like ‘brill’ and ‘ace’, and I think ‘sick’ has been around in youthspeak long enough for us not to require a translation.

What he needs to realise, is that it is not what he or I think which is important, but what the majority of the residents in Rother feel when they look at Bexhill’s Eastern Parade and then view its Western ‘regenerated’ Parade and ‘shelters’, let alone what is being done close to the De La Warr Pavilion!

Will they think it is money well-spent and wish to see similar changes in their area?

People applaud progress, but only when they can see a real improvement. Are the new ‘shelters’, for example, fit for purpose?

I urge residents of Rother to go and make their own minds up, and decide whether people are moaning or just speaking the truth.

Carole Woodland

Cooden Drive, Bexhill on sea.