Area committees needed even more

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LAST week there was a couple of letters questioning the value of Area Committees.

There appears to be some misconceptions around about such committees.

First, nearly 30 per cent of councils run Area Committees from large metropolitan boroughs to small rural districts.

In these straightened times, they are seen as even more valuable as they involve the public to a far greater level and there is a better understanding of the more difficult decisions.

It is true the idea of moving decision-making closer to the people affected is at the heart of what Liberal Democrats campaign for, but there are many Tory and Labour controlled authorities who have this system.

There’s a very long list of reported benefits to both residents and the district council from the operation of Area Committees.

The main benefit is that locally-made decisions are more likely to be the right ones.

When the introduction of Area Committees was last examined by Rother, it was rejected because the Tory majority were resistant to the idea of local decision-making.

Another benefit quoted is that councillors are more likely to work for the public good and political posturing is reduced.

Isn’t it time we all started to work together to put right, especially in Rye, the effects of the transfer of powers to Rother District Council made way back in 1974?

Cllr Sue Prochak

Leader, RDC Lib Dems