AV `No’ was cycnical Tory ploy

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Amber Rudd was very generous with her comments about me in her column “MP’s View” (Observer 13.5.11), pity she spoiled it by referring to “a highly visible campaign and many (too many) rosette wearing campaigners stalking residents up and down the town during the run up to election day”.

“Stalking” is highly insulting and incorrect.

Labour fought a well managed and highly effective election campaign that was necessary to counter the cynical political ploy of the Conservatives to hold the referendum on the Alternative Voting System (AV) on the same day as council elections, and vigorously pursuing a “No” vote, thus ensuing their supporters were stirred up enough to attend the poll to vote NO to AV and YES to the Conservative candidates.

The best turn out for years confirms this.

Admit it though, we had you worried, as witnessed at the count!

Cllr Sam Souster

Rye Town Hall