Bad driving clampdown needs some real teeth, not just Dolly Mixtures

From: Derek Stocker, Duke Street, Bexhill

I read with interest the news that there is to be a police crackdown on bad driving and speeding and phone usage whilst at the wheel in the Rye and Battle areas.

This will be most welcome to many and reassuring to a lot of other road users, but what this campaign needs is the clampdown to have real teeth and not just the dolly mixture bag of so called punishments that currently are handed out to dangerous or killer drivers by the courts in the UK.

Day after day we read of people being killed or maimed in examples of very poor driving skills or plain stupidity and the court hands out a paltry ban or a fine or some totally out of touch prison sentence that some offenders will actually find amusing.

There needs to be a real deterrent to keep death and injury off our roads and the judges are making a mockery of the whole issue by totally farcical sentences handed out almost daily.