Badgers do not need attention

Rye and Battle Observer letters
Rye and Battle Observer letters

From: Johnnie Elliott, Caldbec Hill, Battle

Sometime ago, I replied to a letter concerning badgers.

I used to live in Penhurst, at Little Beech Oast in fact.

We had a couple of geese – Freda and Fred. We also had some ducks as well.

In the summer, we would get quite a few eggs. Sometimes, in the morning, I would go and get them up – believe me, the eggs would still be warm.

We started off with about a dozen ducks.

Living in the countryside, you have other wild animals, looking for food.

Gradually, the ducks became fewer.

One evening, after 10pm, when the geese and ducks had been put to bed, it was dark.

I heard this loud noise coming from the duck shed. It was pitch black, so I could not see anything.

My parents were out.

On their return, Dad shone the car lights at the duck shed. A badger had pulled some of the woodwork off. He was in with the ducks. Dad went up to the shed to let them out, so they could go on to the pond.

I am not sure – I think the geese were okay. Badgers look so lovely, when you see them on the telly. But in the countryside, you have to be careful of them.

When I was working,at Hastings Cemetery, they would even dig up the new turf, looking for worms on a new grave.

As I said before, badgers do not need looking after.