Bank should look after Robertsbridge customers

I WAS shocked to see three full-page advertisements in two national newspapers declaring how NatWest ‘were more open’, ‘more helpful’ and ‘open longer’.

Shocked because here in Robertsbridge, without consultation, we’ve seen that our local well-used NatWest bank has halved the time they are open.

It also means no opening on Fridays, the most beneficial time for both businesses and residents.

Stephen Hardy, chairman of Robertsbridge Enterprise Group, representing the businesses in Robertsbridge, objected on behalf of its members to these retrograde changes and received a very dismissive response.

Shouldn’t this bank, which after all is 84 per cent owned by us, put its money where its mouth is?

Instead of wasting money on expensive adverts telling us how it looks after its customers, NatWest should be looking after its customers in Robertsbridge and the surrounding area.

Cllr Sue Prochak