Bantick’s ‘Rye view’ is only from one side

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Those reading the Rye Observer feature The Rye View (14.1.11) could be forgiven for believing that the column is an objective and balanced account of local happenings.

Unfortunately, this is far from the truth, for carefully included with some local issues (most previously reported) Cllr. Bantick promotes the Liberal Democrats and the local Campaign for a Democratic Rye (CDR), which are inextricably linked.

Both Cllr Bantick and Cllr. Homes represent CDR on Rye Town Council, whilst Cllr Holmes is a Lib-Dem on Rother District Council, and both councillors are featured on the front of the Lib-Dem Focus, which has recently been distributed.

Referring to the political issues mentioned, again we hark back to the hoary old chestnut of Area Committees, a concept only supported by the Lib-Dems.

The Localism Bill does indicate a move of powers down from Central Government, as did the previous Government’s “Power of Well Being”.  However, neither explained how these extra powers can be used for the benefit of residents without unrealistic and unaffordable increases in the Community Charge being imposed on a community hit hard as a result of the ConDems’ Comprehensive Spending Review.

If the Observer is to continue to allow Cllr Bantick to use his column to promote the aims of Lib-Dem/CDR then this opportunity must be given to the other two political parties.  However, in view of the Coalition Government the Conservatives may not wish to take advantage of this opportunity, being happy to allow Cllr. Bantick to represent their joint interest.

Nick Warren

Rye Labour Party