Battle for tennis

Andy Murray’s promotion of tennis and his great achievement at winning Wimbledon has inspired many to get out there and play the game.

Not least in Battle where Battle for Tennis’s most important and exciting project to date - to create a Tennis Development Centre at the recreation ground in North Trade Road - is under way.

However, even if the Battle Town Council gives its approval, funds need to be raised.

When applying for a grant it is important to provide evidence of enough support for this project.

I am therefore appealing to everyone who is interested to add their name to the list which is in the Almonry porch while the Battle Scarecrow festival is on.

It would be great for Battle’s younger generation if we can give them the opportunity to achieve success by providing better practice facilities than there are at present enabling them to work at the game without an expensive outlay and therefore proving that tennis need not be an elitist sport.

Please add your name to my growing list - there are also 2 scarecrows in the Almonry garden to view!

Tony Perkins

Caldbec Hill, Battle