Battle is a lovely Christmas town

Battle is the place to be for Christmas, cold days and nights, a lovely time of the year. When I was in the Band, December was always so busy.

Carol Concerts, Mess Dinners and other Band jobs as well. One evening in the week, the Band would divide up into small groups. We would go around to the married quarters, playing carols and collecting singers as well. Eventually, meeting up at the CO’s house, where we would all have mince pies and mulled wine, from the cookhouse.

I was at RAF Chessington for Christmas, I did come home for Christmas week though. Myself and another mate had an invitation to go to Buckingham Palace for Christmas Dinner. It was on the 21st. I use to use a 3 wheeled zimmer frame,but on the 11 December,I had learnt how to walk. I had a very scissor gait,but I was walking.

When we went to the Palace, we went by car. The social worker from Chessington took us. Parked the car in front of the Palace. I had imagined, it would be like a mess dinner,but there were so many coaches, mini buses there. A Guards Band was there,and a few celebs as well. There must of been at least a thousand guests.

I used to live in Penhurst, a lovely place to be for Christmas. The smell of log burners and the call of the pheasants.

Summer in East Sussex is great but I think the Autumn and Winter are out of this world.

Johnnie Elliott