Battle should rejoice in its history

I HAVE just returned to Battle after spending 10 years in the USA.

And was I so glad to get back to the beautiful town, with warm friendly people, surrounded by the most beautiful countryside.

I just do not think that Battle residents know how lucky they are. The town and its population appear be so modest about their history and I was delighted to hear that Cllr Furness has raised the issue of a fitting memorial to the last Saxon king of England.

The one thing that Battle is lacking is a statute to recall this most historic event.

Believe you me if Battle had been in the USA there would be a massive theme park built around the Abbey and the area would be ‘Disneyfied’.

So more power to this councillor’s elbow - and may Battle rejoice in its history in a modest, reserved and very English way.

Mrs Trueman

Hastings Road