Be grateful for Conquest

Through the letters page of your paper may I say a very big thank you to all the caring staff of the Mc.Cartney Unit at the Conquest hospital Hatings and Sovereign Ward Eastbourne DGH. Their skills and care being the motivation to an early return home for convalescence.

Many people are quick to criticise the NHS and how badly you are treated, not so ! I went through from one to one in the PACO unit to with close attention paid until I was able to cope for myself, I witnessed without the visitors being there, patients being helped with feeding and total patience with those who were demanding and through their circumstances did not know the demands they placed on the Nurses.

Be grateful and protective of our NHS its the best system in the World. It is there when you need it most.

Thank you. Conquest and DGH

Michael Henley, Udimore Road Rye.