Be wary of politician’s statistics

There is an important caveat in statistics that ‘correlation does not equal causation’. So how on earth does Dominic Manning (Your View 30/5/14) equate 30% of 2,000 interviewees describing themselves as ‘very’ or ‘a little’ racially prejudiced with his inference that UKIP voters are racist because they took 27% of the UK vote?! (That’s 27% of the 33% of the 50 million of all races, creeds and colour who bothered to vote). I joined UKIP before it was UKIP, so is Dominic suggesting I am a hardened racist? I still talk to true Ryers...

Be very sceptical of politicians and propagandists wilfully perverting statistics and suppressing democratic debate to enforce their political will. For example, Dominic’s fellow global warmists claim ‘98% of scientists’ say global warming is man-made and insist ‘sceptics’ must be silenced. They of course never explain how that 98% was got! Briefly: to one specific, loaded question in an AGU Survey (USA, 2009), 75 out of 77 (ie. 97.4%) of selected self-proclaimed, peer-reviewed global warning authors agreed with their own theories! Well they would... wouldn’t they? Statistically correct perhaps, but wilfully misleading! Yet that’s the basis for politicians rewriting the uncertain scientific report as ‘scientific consensus’ to cement their political IPCC “Summary for Policymakers”.

Such wilful distortion and contempt towards the electorate by patronising politicians, who also refuse to address this country’s unsustainable population growth, open door immigration and concreting over our countryside, bred the distrust in politicians which drove the Dim-Libs to their well deserved oblivion! Labour’s next!

Barry M Jones

Bixley Lane, Beckley