Bexhill benefits from car parks

Much as I realise I am wasting my time, I feel I must comment on last week’s Observer report on Rother’s 58% increase in revenue from car parking in Battle, as compared to only 17.6% from all other Rother owned car parks combined.

This imbalance would be acceptable if the extra cash collected was spent on this town, but no such luck, for most of it is spent on improving facilities in Bexhill.

I don’t care what Derek Stevens, the chief executive says, we all know that politically, RDC is virtually a Bexhill one-party state, so any suggestions from outside Bexhill count for nothing.

Actually, what is really needed is a bit of lateral thinking, with, for example, local companies being encouraged to pay to advertise on parking tickets and other eye-catching locations.

Unfortunately, even if RDC accepted this idea,they would simply pocket the extra cash and still go on increasing parking charges in Battle.

That is why I say, that much as I (or any Battle resident for that matter) may protest, I am wasting my time.

John Hill

Glengorse, Battle