Bexhill can cope, small villages can’t

I HAVE seen many letters in local papers recently from people in Bexhill stating that they don’t want new homes in their town.

I felt I should write in to express my concern after receiving a leaflet through my door from the Rother Villages Defence Committee detailing how local villages in this area will targeted.

I would not class myself as a NIMBY but surely Bexhill has the roads, schools and community facilities available to be able to cope with new housing.

Dumping lots of new homes in small villages with limited local facilities is certainly not sustainable.

Vital new homes need good local transport and jobs which our villages cannot provide.

I think a proper discussion needs to take place at the council to ensure that new homes are properly situated to benefit the new residents and ensure there is no detrimental impact on our villages.

Stacey Richards

Gorselands, Sedlescombe