Bexhillians envious of Rye and Battle

DON’T you just love spin!

Derek Stevens, the chief executive of Rother District Council, would have Rother residents believe the Next Wave development on Bexhill seafront has been ‘a huge success’ and they have ‘received a great deal of support for what they have achieved’.

Is this in his dreams I wonder? (See recent Cabinet Paper on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee).

The growing call for Bexhill to have its own town council is a measure of how residents of Bexhill really feel about the Next Wave.

One of the main advantages of a town council, is that we would not have to have the gimmicky and shortsighted ideas of councillors who live outside Bexhill foisted upon us.

So if you are looking with envy in our direction, realise we are looking with envy in the direction of Rye and Battle, as you have managed to keep control of your towns away from Rother.

If you haven’t already seen the wooden shower sheds on our Western Parade, laughingly called shelters, come and have a look - the hole in the roof is such a good idea given the English winter!

Carole Woodland

Cooden Drive