Blackfriars unsuited to first-time buyers

The news in Cllr. Kevin Dixon’s letter of last week, that the proposed Black-friars housing development has gone off the radar, so to speak, will please many Battle residents, particularly those living in, and around Marley Lane.

As Cllr. Dixon says, this site was allocated for housing in the 1970’s. But what may have seemed a good idea at that time, would now be a recipe for chaos and road rage, particularly if used for first time buyers.

Imagine the first time buyer mums trying to get their children to school, having to cope with delays at the level crossing, then having to negotiate the route between parked cars and the continuous flow of traffic from the opposite direction, and then the confusion at the mini roundabout by the Chequers Inn. I feel tired just writing about it!.

First time buyer homes may be needed, but not at Blackfriars.

John Hill

Glengorse, Battle