Blatant confession from developer that they put profit before social housing needs

From: Anne Newson, Shrub Lane, Burwash

Speaking for the Park Lane Group last week, Lawrence Hulkes attempted to highlight a £45,000 cash ‘benefit’ for the community of Burwash if the developer is allowed to renege on the commitment to provide 12 affordable homes at the Watercress Field site.

The suggestion that this kind of cash incentive would have any bearing on the response of the residents of Burwash is insulting and seriously misjudges the mood of the parish.

Not only does it highlight the continued failure of the developer to consult with the community, it demonstrates an assumption that decisions about house-building are nothing to do with actual housing needs only cash gains.

Focus on profit has been mentioned frequently as one of the many reasons to refuse this application.

Never did we expect the developer to confirm this quite so blatantly and through the medium of the Press.