Blue Badges abused in Battle

BEING in my 80th year, suffering from painful osteoporosis and high blood pressure, plus a medical history of three major cancer operations, I have recently been refused a Blue Badge.

This despite completing forms then being subjected to an intrusive interview at Bexhill by a male young enough to be my grandson.

Has this Eastbourne Blue Badge Team been ordered to turn down every applicant now?

After at least 15 years doing voluntary driving in East Sussex following my retirement in 1993, how silly of me to anticipate some help now I am in need.

And what do I see whenever I’m in Battle High Street? Young people and others constantly abusing the Blue Badge system.

Bus stops are also used as parking areas.

Is it too much to expect a police presence in Battle where it is sorely needed, or bring back a warden.

Of course Rother DC is to blame for this situation.

Mrs M E Merifield