Bonfire Societies collect for Charity

There are currently 36 Bonfire Societies & 1, walking bonfire group as members of Sussex bonfire Council ranging from Littlehampton down to Rye, across the border in Kent to Hawkhurst and on to Edenbridge all custodians of keeping the Traditions of Sussex Bonfire alive for future generations to come.

Our bonfire season starts early in September and goes on to late November , over that time the Bonfire Societies while having there celebrations carry collecting buckets for Charity or Good causes .

This year 2014 so far with not all Societies making it known we have raised in excess of £58,000 that total will rise , Children , Old Folks and even Animal Charities benefiting from Sussex bonfire Societies , A huge big thank you to all our Bonfire Boys & Girls

Sue Holman-Williams


Sussex Bonfire Council