Bonfire society needs all the help it can get

Bev Holbrook was ‘appalled’ at my suggestion that setting off fireworks until well after 2am on the village bonfire night might be anti-social, but seems to have missed the point of my letter.

The bonfire societies are able to stage the firework events thanks significantly to contributions from local people.

I was simply trying to point out that some goodwill might be lost from those residents who consider that, say, midnight is a perfectly reasonable time for the fireworks to stop and that 2.15am is not.

In these tough economic conditions, it seemed to me that anything which might adversely affect fundraising would be worth addressing.

I completely agree with Bev’s comments about the achievements of the bonfire society - indeed I said so in my letter - my family have enjoyed the bonfire and fireworks and have been happy to support the fundraising events over the years.

So thank you, Robertsbridge Bonfire Society - your work is appreciated.

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