Boundary changes make sense, Greg

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ON the contrary, Greg Barker MP, the proposed boundary change does make sense (article, Rye Observer 23/9/11).

As the Boundary Commission and Cllr Ron Harris both point out, rural Battle, the rural ‘Rother Levels’ and our rural economies have a greater historical and natural affinity to The Weald AONB than to the coastal urban sprawl of Bexhill, Pebsham and Hastings.

My main reservation is whether Paddock Wood really fits in; but then they probably feel we are the ‘furriners’!

I’d much rather Brede, Rye, Rolvenden and Wittersham be included but, provided we can have passport controls at Newenden Bridge, I would tend to a favour the proposed Weald Constituency.

However, what really doesn’t make sense is the reduction, by 50 MPs, to cut Parliamentary wages/overheads by a piffling £5m per annum, when we give £19bn gross to the EU (rising annually thanks to Tony Blair) for the pleasure of them telling our MPs how to run our country and economy!

The irony is that, as Emma Nicholson (Lib-Dem MEP) told us years ago, as we are in the EU, our Houses of Parliament are no longer necessary.

So why are local Lib-Dem councillors demanding we retain the status quo?

Alas, Greg and his Lib-Dem coalition chums refuse to let us leave the political EU and invest that annual £19bn into sorting out and improving our own country.

For then, we can afford more MPs to better represent much smaller, more culturally representative constituencies for the more democratically accountable Britain that Greg wants.


Bixley Lane