Bus did not turn up

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I have emailed Stagecoach about their haphazard bus service from Rye station to Hastings and would be interested to know if other readers have had a similar experience.

I live in Winchelsea and use public transport to travel from Ashford on the Marshlink train, which as you may know only stops at Winchelsea station every 2 hours.

On Friday 4th October I planned my trip to arrive at Rye station on the shuttle service from Ashford at 19.24pm in plenty of time to catch the 19.35 bus to Winchelsea, I waited until 19.55 but the bus did not turn up, this is not the first time!

The last time this happened, I had again waited a long time and the bus didn’t show. So on seeing the 100 bus on route to Lydd arrive at Station approach, I asked the driver if he knew where the 100 Hastings bus was, he seemed surprised because he had just passed it on the A259 going towards Hastings. So it became clear to both of us that some of the drivers are frequently cutting the route short and avoiding the circular route into Rye station, to save time or get home early!

It is disgraceful that with such a limited service anyway, (only one bus an hour), drivers have such a cavalier attitude towards those of us who rely on the service to get to and from work.

C Whitehouse

by email