Camber is Rye’s poor relation

Thank you Councillor Eve’s for saying what Camber people have known for years. you’re so right. Money is taken from the car parks and goes to were? Who knows? We get a small ammount back for the up keep of the beach.

Nothing comes in to the village, we are the people that have to put up with the mess - and rubbish left behind when the visitors go home. We can get up to 25,000 visitors at a time. We have always been Rye’s poor relation and it has only now come to light because all the trafic is backing up and giving trouble to Rye.

We have had planners come to the village and we have gone to meetings and what do we get? Nothing, so thank you again Mr Eves for you comment but don’t hold your breathe, nothing will change.

Trish Lock

Pelwood Road