Campaign is not ‘hiding’ liberals

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The local election season is upon us again! This is when the political parties suddenly wake up and start to communicate with the electorate.

It puzzles me that instead of focusing their energies on the very real problems that threaten our community, they attack the one pressure group that is trying to speak up for Rye and get us a better deal from Rother.

I must reiterate that the Campaign for a Democratic Rye supports no political party and is allied to no political party.

Any person who supports our aims can join the Campaign. We do not ask what their politics are, but I am sure that they range across the entire political spectrum. We are united solely by a determination to secure a better future for our town.

So I am at a loss as to where all these ‘Liberal conspirators’ could be hiding out in our organisation. Would the party spokesmen like me to check under the seats?

Cllr Mary Smith

Secretary of the Campaign for a Democratic Rye, Strand Court, Rye.