Can we please get on with it?

Rye and Battle Observer letters
Rye and Battle Observer letters

From: Barry M. Jones

Anti-Brexiteers David 
Daniels and Stephen Hardy should do some basic homework.

David stated (10/11/17): “UK trade outside the EU is falling”, yet the opposite is true: the long stagnant EU now barely takes 44 per cent of British exports.

Bizarrely, he claims: “Membership of the EU has absolutely nothing to do with freedom to trade and consequent national economic performance.”

Yet they are the raisons d’etre of the ECSC/European Economic Community/EU Customs Union and Common Commercial Policies, to which global apolitical ‘free trade’ remains anathema.

“Germany has managed its economy well” – only because the post-war European economic recovery (driven by the USA, UN, Marshall Plan, Monnet etc) was to restore Germany (moderated by France) as the natural economic power-house of continental Europe.

The ECU/Euro is thus, by design, the DeutschMark in all but name, by which ERM forced incompatible European economies to align with Germany’s buoyant economic cycles – a boon for Germany, but disaster for Britain, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal... and Greece.

The EU set the two-year Article 50 deadline, yet Stephen slates Theresa 
May (17/11/17) for setting Britain’s departure two years hence.

As Article 2 says: “In its relations with the wider world, the Union shall uphold mutual respect... among peoples, free and fair trade... the principles of the United Nations Charter (‘... to practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbours’)”.

There is a legitimate expectation the EU believes amicable, mutually beneficial negotiations can be settled within two years... yet the EU’s growing intransigence, filibustering, menacing threats of EU ‘consequences’ and fiscal greed indicates otherwise.

Perhaps Stephen can tell us exactly what we owe the EU... and they owe us?

Independence Day will be a normal, working Saturday (March 30, 2019), yet Stephen claims, mockingly, it will be Monday, April 1... which also happens to celebrate 100 full years of our Royal Air Force without whom Britain (and Europe) would today be subservient ‘Landers’ in a Third Reich ‘lasting 1,000 years’.

The majority of MPs voted to enact the two-year Article 50, so can we please get on with it?