Candidate was chosen by locals

In response to last week’s letter from Mr. Topping, as a member of The Bexhill and Battle Conservative Association I was at the final selection of the candidate when Mr. Merriman was adopted as the candidate. The final opinion of constituents is down to the General Election. Unlike Labour candidates who are sponsored by trade unions, at least I can say that local people chose their candidate as far as Mr. Merriman is concerned.

No opinion will be sought from anyone here if at the General Election we find a situation of Labour requiring the support of the SNP, who want separation from The United Kingdom. Add to this mix The Green Party who have said they want to forge a progressive political alliance with the SNP, surely, one of the most potentially significant outcomes in recent times that could put into question the constitutional future of The United Kingdom.

I find it hugely concerning that a major political party led by Mr. Milliband could well consider a situation which is all about political gain working with a party that only months ago was determined to separate from The United Kingdom.

If residents feel as I do they should think very carefully who they vote for at the May General Election. We may disagree on some party issues, that is understandable, but surely we can all agree that the retention of The United Kingdom overrides political gain?

Ian Jenkins

by email