Car parking charges should be re-thought

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AGAIN, this week, I see in the national press, that the Government is planning to make car parking in town centres both easier and cheaper.

This is great news, but one wonders how this laudable idea will translate into more sensible and less expensive car parking in Battle.

At the moment, as we all know, Rother District Council levy high charges here on the say-so that this is a tourist town, but with the closing of the Abbey during the winter months, that will not be the case, so now is a great opportunity for them to plan to reduce their charges, at least from October to March.

It will also be a great opportunity for the independently managed local shops to prove (as I’m sure they will) that they can prosper without the hordes of Abbey visitors.

I realise that the following idea is too late for Battle, but in my opinion, instead of local councils accepting from supermarkets what amount to financial bribes and promises of creating jobs (while killing local shops) in exchange for planning permission, they should only grant that permission provided they (the council) control the car parking, and charge the same there as they do in nearby towns.

In this way a fairer balance would be achieved and the council finances continuously improved.

John Hill

Glengorse, Battle