Changes on the way at Rye Council

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I should like to thank all those who voted for me in the Rye Town Council elections.

It was a good result for the Campaign for a Democratic Rye who managed for the first time to gain a majority on the Town Council by seeing ten of their fifteen candidates elected. Neither must it be forgotten the incredible hardwork the supporters and candidates of CDR who performed miracles in getting in getting out so much literature to the voting public for which I must personally give a big thank you.

They made my task of managing the campaign so much easier. We have for the first time a CDR Deputy Mayor, Cllr Shaun Rogers, elected to support the Mayor, Cllr John Breeds. I wish Cllr Rogers well despite the controversy that surrounded his election. There will be many changes no doubt and many old methods of doing things discarded or amended. Let us hope the New Town Council is up to the task.

Cllr Granville Bantick


Campaign for a Democratic Rye and Rye Town Councillor.