‘Chaotic cuts’ that are harming the NHS

Having worked as a nursing auxiliary at the Conquest Hospital, I’ve seen what a difference changes in funding can make to the conditions that patients are treated in and that NHS staff work.

Last week’s article highlighting the many £ millions of taxpayers’ money that has been spent on external private advice rather than frontline care, shows how chaotic cuts from on high are having a massive impact locally.

Whilst money has been wasted on private consultants, we have seen wards shut and budgets slashed at the Conquest; this does not sound like a sensible way to make savings or a consistent way to increase standards of care. This comes at a time when our maternity services are also being held to ransom.

I was born in the Buchanan and believe that mothers should have the right to give birth at their local hospital too – imagine the wonders this £4 million could do for our maternity services?

Patients and staff have told me what damage NHS cuts from Amber Rudd’s government are doing to our local hospital, which makes spending a mammoth £4 million on external consultants rather than using their own finance officers difficult to justify. Quick savings should never be an excuse to cut corners in the NHS, because those of us who rely on free health care will end up paying for it in the end.

Sarah Owen,

Labour prospective candidate for MP – Hastings and Rye