Comments are not funny at all

Rye and Battle Observer letters
Rye and Battle Observer letters

From: Mr & Mrs R Parker, Battle Deli & Bonney’s, Battle

We are writing with regards to our concerns about the recent article written by David Horne regarding the blackboards in Battle High Street. While we realise he thought he was being funny it really isn’t funny at all.

His comments are childish and not portraying Battle in a good light at all. We are all locally owned businesses, who work very hard to make our shops, bars, cafés, etc work. Battle is often getting bad press from the Observer which is not very helpful and not very supportive to our local town. Surely the local paper should be supporting the local towns?

He has also mentioned The Lounge, which as many people are aware was the scene of a terrible fatal accident in March where a young mum lost her life. This, we feel, is in very bad taste. He obviously doesn’t have any regard for the people of Battle and the raw feelings that are still felt across the town.

We are disappointed the Battle Observer felt it a good idea to print such rubbish, are you really struggling so much to find decent things to write about that you allow people like this to write for your paper? Maybe it’s time to find someone new!