Commuters should not park in estate

I APPRECIATE the annoyance of the lady parking her car in a Battle street and then getting it scratched (Battle Observer 4/3/11).

Like many aspects of life, there are two sides to the statement.

Firstly Glengorse is not a street, it is a highly-rated estate.

Hence residents of Glengorse are very unhappy at people from surrounding villages leaving their cars all day in what is almost a private estate.

Much of the parking makes it accident prone and single lane, causing exit to the main Hastings Road dangerous.

The residents feel that all day parking is provided and should be used at a cost of £2 a day.

I also observe the lady in question is in St Leonards, but drives to Battle to free road parking, a practice adopted by many using Battle station - a situation I do not understand - with stations nearby.

Robert J Mears