Concerned voters should contact MP

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IT was timely to hear from the Electoral Commission (letters, October 7) quite rightly urging people to register to vote in elections.

What wasn’t mentioned is the major change planned to the way the electoral register will be maintained in future, which could result in millions of people not having a vote.

Currently people are registered by household, with one householder declaring that the details are correct.

This system is open to abuse with well documented cases of electoral fraud and thus from 2014 a new “individual voter registration” system will be introduced.

In principle this change should be welcomed, however there are some massive flaws in the way the Government is planning to introduce it, in two key regards.

Firstly there are plans to drop the full annual canvass in 2014 as a cost cutting measure and secondly it is proposed to scrap the legal obligation for people to provide their local Electoral Registration Officer with information.

If you are similarly concerned that these shortcomings could disenfranchise millions of people, please write to your MP asking them to make representations to Mark Harper (Cabinet Office Minister) to amend these proposals, such that every effort is made to register ALL eligible voters.


Asten Fields