Could there be an election in the offing?

Cllr. Mrs. Sonia Holmes, the LibDem councillor for Rye has initiated a Community Survey, forms being delivered to homes in the town requesting residents’ view on a variety of subjects from crime through to the NHS and all points between.

While the councillor’s concern is very laudable nothing of this nature has been launched in the almost four years of her district councillorship and little interest appears to have been evinced before now. 

Others, both elected and unelected have been seeking residents’ opinions on many issues over the past years. For example, the provision of Post Office services in Rye & the loss of facilities on Tilling Green.

So why this sudden concern from Mrs Holmes?

Could it be, to paraphrase Cllr. Bantick, her fellow LibDem and fellow supporter of the Campaign for Democratic Rye that there is an election in the offing? 

Nick Warren

Rye Labour Party