Council is obsessed with car wash site

THE car wash at The River Haven is a bit of a mess and does need sorting out, but what I don’t understand is why our illustrious councillors have become so obsessed with this particular site when most of the Winchelsea Road entrance to the town is an eyesore and has been so for much longer than the car wash has been there.

We have not heard a peep from the council about the derelict land on the corner of Rye Harbour Road owned by East Sussex Council.

Nor have they thought fit to mention the similarly derelict land next to it owned by the Environment Agency and the site next to that, formerly Sea Cruisers.

Further along, next to the shortly to be derelict Total filling station we have the derelict Grist Mill pine building, no mention of that either.

The car wash is at least ‘alive’ and active unlike these other ‘dead’ sites.

Might we hope to hear from Rye Council about their opinion of these ‘dead’ sites?

Martin Carter

Main Street, Iden