Council should rethink yellow lines

It came as quite a surprise to hear just before Christmas that Battle’s council intends to paint the town yellow.

As a long-time Battle worker, commuting from Hastings, it’s natural that I’d be dismayed by the news of plans to introduce parking limitations across town - and it seems to me to be symptomatic of the ‘quick-fix’ mentality many local councils seem to have when it comes to raising extra revenue.

Workers in Battle contribute a great deal to the shops and other services in the town - not to mention the rent and rates paid by their employers - so it seems utterly counter-productive to squeeze them further by forcing them to pay through the nose for the sparse parking facilities available.

Perhaps the council could be a little more imaginative when it comes to generating extra money, rather than tax a large chunk of those contributing to Battle’s economy.

And, in response to the recent letter regarding ‘lawless’ parking practices, while I agree that the trunk road should be kept clearer, it is surely wrong to punish the working majority for the selfish actions of the few - but I guess that’s what this recession is all about.


Park Avenue, Hastings