Councils couldn’t care less

AS I expected, out would come all the excuses from our two representatives on Rother and East Sussex councils, Councillors Souster and Glazier blaming each other over this supermarket fiasco like naughty little school children.

But as we have seen over the years, spineless council’s talk big but when it comes to action they fail us badly.

Surely Rother District Council should contact Sainsbury’s and offer to compulsory purchase the property owned by Tesco, which is holding up this development, providing Sainsbury’s pick up the tab for all legal expenses incurred.

But that will be too easy for Rother to go down that route instead this looks like another Fish Market Road in the making.

Thanks to these two councils, and also not forgetting the silent Rye Town Councillors who I’m sure will all come alive next May when elections are due, too many people in this town, including myself, believe that these councils couldn’t care less what the people of this town wish for or the present state of this once lovely town.

J Tolhurst

New Winchelsea Road