Country is not safer or fairer

Rye and Battle Observer letters
Rye and Battle Observer letters

From: Chris Stevens, George Hill, Robertsbridge

I must take issue with a letter written, entitled “So much for Brexit Claims” on September 14, 2017.

The author claims that the UK executive is using its power to quell any parliamentary democracy.

This is a strange statement given the acceptance and use of party whips during voting procedures.

I’m curious why the author singles out this particular vote?

Equally the alleged democratic institutions of the EU Commission is particularly concerning given the extent of corruption now evident.

The fact the EU Commission vice-president Frans Timmermans refused to publish the anti-corruption report in February, 2016, one must ask why so much criticism is ladled out at the UK executive and very little investigation is reported into the EU’s activities?

The extent of lobbying and policy direction by unaccountable EU lobby groups such as the European Round Table of Industrialists [ERT] or BusinessEurope, formerly UNICE is barely, if at all mentioned.

The Council of Ministers passed directives to member state governments for over 20 years to implement public spending cuts, increase privatisation, increase competitiveness and relax employment protections.

One must view with detail the 1997 Amsterdam Treaty to have seen this in action whereby chapters on the environment and working conditions were severely curtailed.

Through the EU, the UK government has accepted the statistical requirement by the OECD (EU) of what is counted as employed. This is just one hour per week.

With the rise of unemployment across the EU where Greece stands at a 27 per cent rate or France over 10 per cent, the latent unemployment figures are far more concerning than the constant announcements from the UK and other EU central member states of how low unemployment actually is.

This is political spin.

What is curious about those who wish to remain in the EU is the insistence on due process and sovereignty.

Fervent campaigners such as Anna Soubry, MP for Broxtowe who in 2013 flouted the very sovereignty she now routinely mentions when she refused parliamentary scrutiny of the EU Tobacco Products Directive.

Ken Clarke is and has been a member of the notorious Bilderberg group for decades and has refused to comment on the proceedings even though the group at its most recent 2017 meeting in Chantilly, Virginia, USA discussed such weighty political matters as the 
rise of populism or the direction of the EU and specifically the UK.

A group which is attended by senior world politicians, bankers, journalists and business-people doesn’t get a mention in our press.

One can see why given the scope of the agendas.

I find it astounding that the author feels this country has become safer and fairer over the last 44 years.

With the rise of food-banks, the laxity and imposed restrictions upon the ECHR and the EQA 2010, job uncertainty with contracts such as zero-hours or the EU required rise of sub-contractor hiring, NHS debt growing due to privatisation since 1988, and withdrawal of provision of such key services as neo-natal, the inability for the younger generations to afford a mortgage, sky rocketing tuition fees and the withdrawal of social security which have been recently criticised by the UNCRPD and overturned by the UK courts over the last seven years for sanctions or rising personal debt, I’m curious if the author in question lives in this country?

His statements are certainly not recognised by this author.