County councillor clarifies

Dear Editor,

Can I take this opportunity to correct any misunderstanding in last weeks Supermarket debate, I don’t recall “slamming Cllr Adam Smith”, I reported on an article in public circulation from John Howlett the new Chairman as I understand of The Campaign for a Democratic Rye it contained and I quote “Adam Smith [Chair of Rye town council planning] has done great work digging out unresolved problems and has put the fear of God into the officers” at both County and District Councils.

The point I was trying to make was that this circulation is from the Chairman of a group that have a majority on the Rye Town Council, who were elected on a mandate to bring planning decisions back closer to Rye are we to believe that this is how they would expect all planning decisions to be based” putting the fear of God into people” and all from Councillors who voted against a second Supermarket instead of supporting and ensuring all of the legitimate concerns are addressed.

Keith Glazier, Rye County Councillor.