Cycle paths need to be maintained

Poorly maintained cycle paths can become impassable SUS-140412-083715001
Poorly maintained cycle paths can become impassable SUS-140412-083715001

I fully support the extension of the cycle path from Rye Harbour to the junction of the A259, it seems ludicrous that this section was not included as its the most dangerous part of the route.

My daughter lives in Rye Harbour and makes the journey on her bike to Rye sometimes with my grandchildren, the cycle path ends and there nowhere else to walk but on the road

The main focus in the local paper has been this cycle path for obvious reasons having a campaign to extend it but other paths get don’t get other funding either. The cycle path from Rye to Lydd and the path between Dumb Woman’s Lane and Rye have had no maintenance since they were opened.

I wrote to East Sussex County Council (ESCC) on the matter who informed me that they were not responsible for maintaining it as a cycle path but as a bridle way or a pedestrian path. Odd, ESCC promote the cycle routes but don’t maintain them?

They informed me that Sustrans are responsible for the upkeep but despite my emails to them plus a letter from our MP - I have heard nothing not even an acknowledgement.

The path from Dumb Womans Lane is in an appalling state - stretches of it are a quagmire and a lot is now so overgrown its single file, I can only see it becoming impassable in the future.

What’s the point of creating cycle paths then not bother to maintain them.

Steve Blattman

Udimore Road, Rye