Cyclists should be aware of walkers

The following is only intended for selfish, arrogant Cyclists, who seem to think they own footpaths which are usually only intended for walking!

Last Sunday 05/05/13, I was nearly run into by a selfish cyclist when walking along the top of Winchelsea Beach footpath to Pett Level.

Being a VIP (vision impaired person), this is one of the few areas where I can feel confident in walking, with no threat of cars coming towards me. As I have very limited, very blurred, out of focus sight/definition, so can not see anything until too late, too close or almost on top of me, so when crossing roads with no traffic lights, I always have to use a White Symbol Cane Stick.

Unfortunately, despite having my WSCS clearly visible, and this area only supposed to be for walkers only, I was not expecting a cyclist coming too fast towards me, with no intention of slowing down or giving way to me, and if my husband had not been with me, to push/grab me out of the way, could have resulted in a nasty accident.

Although the male cyclist who my husband tells me was in his 40s (so should have known better), did profusely apologise, it was upsetting. So, in the absence of signs being put up which will only be ignored. This goes out to all you selfish, arrogant cyclists, who think you own such areas and pathways.

YOU DO NOT! When we get the good weather, we all want to be out and about, even us disabled and vision impaired and blind people!

So, give way, be polite, and stop being so selfish and not very nice, as you give well-behaved NICE cyclists a bad name.

Christine Ward

Rye Hill