Danger road should have speed limit

Street furniture damage on the A21 in Hurst Green
Street furniture damage on the A21 in Hurst Green

You asked the question is the A21 a safe road for drivers and local communities who live alongside it?

We live on the A21 in Hurst Green and have had two incidents in the last 7 months where drivers have swerved off the road and into our fence causing a lot of damage. Thankfully nobody was hurt but both cars were right offs. The picture shows damage from the second crash, the first damaged the wall and both times the lamp post was demolished.

In my opinion there should be a 40mph sign way back before the village with flashing warnings. This would help drivers to start slowing down sooner. Also as both the incidents outside our house happened at night, perhaps more lighting in the darker areas would be good. A speed camera is also a deterrent which could be used.

A Blackaby

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