DEFRA is ignoring dog control issue

A COMMENT on the two very serious dog attacks in Hastings and in Fairlight.

I have written to DEFRA who have responsibility for this issue. The letters that I received as replies showed only a determined effort to ignore the problem.

Recently a great deal of public money was spent on a ‘consultation’ in which DEFRA sought support for a few measures which will make little difference to the problem of protecting people in public spaces.

This view was reiterated by many of the organisations who were ‘consulted’.

MP Amber Rudd wrote to DEFRA and showed me Lord Taylor of Holbeach’s response.

As with all of my letters to DEFRA he simply ignores the points raised and shows absolutely no interest in doing anything to help with this problem, although he does state that he is the Minister responsible for this policy area.

We need sensible legislation as in most European countries; backed by sensible sanctions actually being applied as they are in Europe where the fines for not having a dog on a short lead when meeting people in public are greater than the fines imposed in this country after a serious attack has taken place.

It is no wonder that the stereotype of the British abroad is that we are “a bit stupid and that we love our pets more than our children!”

If Lord Taylor is not prepared to be part of the solution rather than the problem he should consider his position.

M Partridge

By e-mail