Dereliction in Rye is worse than Bexhill

Carole Woodland of Bexhill has had separate letters printed in both the Bexhill and Rye newspapers (6.4.12), same subject, different wording. In the Rye version she maintains that “Bexhill is blighted as much as Rye”. She accepts that the improvements to the seafront at a cost of £5.6m, but is unhappy with what they are left with, e.g. toilets in Devonshire Square and the empty former cinema.

The complaints about the deplorable state of Rye were raised at the Rye Town meeting, where Rye residents can make their feelings and concerns known to their councillors.

Eight sites were mentioned at this meeting, one is awaiting development by a supermarket and another where a planning application has been submitted.

I am pleased to say that Rother District Council has acted on the other six and improvements have commenced. The RDC Enforcement Officer is to be congratulated for his speedy response, as enforcement can be difficult to impose, and the regular and diligent monitoring required to maintain acceptable standards once enforcement has been effected is time-consuming.

As a district councillor I visit Bexhill frequently and yes, I do know the town and I can assure you that there is nothing to compare with the concerns expressed by residents of Rye.

This annual consultation process, of course, cannot happen in Bexhill because they currently have no town council, something which is being considered. So, if/when Bexhill has a town council such annual consultations as happen in Rye (and Battle) can take place there democratically.

In the meantime, I would suggest Ms Woodland contacts a Bexhill district councillor to raise her concerns – after all there are eighteen to choose from!

Cllr Sam Souster

Rye Ward