Different wards serve variable quality food

I read with interest the recent article regarding the food at the Conquest Hospital and am pleased to have the opportunity to comment.

Between November 2010 and March 2011 I spent two spells in hospital: In Nov/Dec 26 days in James Ward and in March seven days in Tressell Ward.

Whilst the medical care I received was excellent, unfortunately I cannot say this about the food.

One thing I did find rather strange was that the food and delivery system did vary from ward to ward.

Most of the food served was well overcooked - I can only assume that this is cooked way in advance and kept hot.

As we all know many foods do not bear kindly to this. I well remember the brussel sprouts served with the Sunday roast!

In James Ward we did fill in a sheet with the breakfast requirements and at other meals we were given some choice but in Tressell Ward this did not happen and only when you did not wish to take the main meal then an alternative might be available.

In both wards, if you were able to obtain a salad these were very good but often these soon ran out so if you were one of the last patients to be served you could not get one.

I would agree with the comment made by a patient quoted in the paper about the sandwiches - most unappetizing and difficult to get down!

One thing that I found quite unbelievable was that the soup served in Tressell Ward came in a polystyrene cup - this was not so in James Ward. I enquired about a bowl but was informed there were none available.

Having reported the above I would mention that when I left Tressell Ward I was sent to the discharge lounge to await departure, I had the best meal during my two stays - hot tasty and well served.

I know that this area does not have the same volume of patients to deal with but at the end of the day the food comes from the same original source.

Diana Watson

By email