Disappointed in police

On the 15th of May we were burgled. Amongst many things taken were my six and nine year old daughters jewellery boxes and many more valuable and sentimental pieces, plus the usual digital devices.

Initially the police were quick to respond and were helpful.

After much reassurance to our devastated children we got on with the lengthy and time consuming process of insurance claims and much paper work.

Imagine our surprise when some of the stolen jewellery was then for sale in the window of a local shop.

It was a Saturday afternoon and Rye police station was closed. We used the yellow phone at the front of the police station and were advised to enter the shop, point out the items and these would be put aside, we were also given a crime number.

This however did not go down well with the shop owner and to cut a long story short two police cars arrived and the items in question were bagged and taken away.

As many people in Rye are aware there has been a spate of burglaries recently, not all of which have been reported by your paper, however talking to local people many feel as if not enough is being done.

We thought discovering the jewellery was an important lead and were hopeful that the police could follow up this potential lead and further their investigations.

Imagine our disappointment then at the end of last week when we were called to say that due to insufficient evidence no charges were being brought (we were initially told two people had been arrested as a result of our jewellery being for sale).

I think your newspaper should report all such burglaries in the future and keep up with local concern.

I know of at least three such crimes that haven’t made your newspaper.

Name and address supplied Rye.