Disgusted by Ryers who walked on by

I WOULD just like to thank the residents of Rye and those visiting the town who were in the High Street at approximately 11.45am on Thursday May 24.

My partner, who has lived in Rye all her life and is currently three days away from her due date with our first child, was forced off the pavement and into the road by what she describes as an ‘older’ woman.

She slipped and fell landing in the road at which point NOBODY offered to help or came to her aid except for one man who handed her bag back to her when she had pulled herself up.

The woman stood there offering no assistance and not one single other human being offered to help her up!

A nine month pregnant woman!

As we all know Rye is heaving with people on market days and this was no exception.

I cannot believe this is the society we live in today when a heavily pregnant woman can be forced off the road, fall over and have any number of people ignore her and walk past without offering their assistance.

She returned home in tears, I have never been so angry!

There has been a shocking increase in antisocial behaviour in Rye the last few years in general from the younger generations but to have this level of thoughtlessness from the general public in the High Street of our town is just unthinkable.

So thank you to everyone who did nothing today, you really have contributed to what makes this town and society in general continue its rapid moral decline.

You disgust me.

Name and address withheld